Best Time (Season) To Visit Goa – Weather, Places & Time

Best time to visit Goa

Goa is in the bucket list of most travellers.

The party capital of India is beautiful and cheerful.

Goa is heaven for sea lovers.

This coastal city has more than 20 beaches and all of them are equally beautiful.

Goa is all about fun.

So, for many people, it is the ultimate destination.

Let’s discuss all including the best time to visit Goa.

Chill in The Winter in Goa :

Now, every tourist destination has a particular peak season.

It is the time when you can enjoy the vacation most.

Goa is a coastal city.

For every coastal tourist place, the peak season is from November to February.

That is the winters.

During this time, the weather remains calm.

The average daytime temperature is 32-33°C.

Weather in Goa is also less humid in winter.

Hence it is comfortable and you can remain outside for a long time.

There is no storm or rainfall.

Hence, the sea is safe.

So this is the best time to visit Goa.

Things To Do During This Time:

  • This time is perfect for indulging in various types of water sports. The shacks in various beaches open centres for scuba diving, snorkelling, water skiing, Para-gliding, etc.
  • It is also a great time for beach volleyball or other sports. One can enjoy the blue-green waters and sandy beaches for every moment.
  • The famous places to visit in North Goa become crowded in winter. So, you may not get that smoother experience in Baga beach, Anjuna beach or the famous churches and forts. But if you are willing to go to explore, then visit the lesser known beaches like Oliver islands, Caraco beach, and butterfly beaches.
  • These beaches are less crowded. But, they offer the same options as the famous ones.
  • The weather remains comfortable during winter. So, you can enjoy a road trip by car. Visit any car rental service in Goa to rent cars and head towards the hidden gems of Goa. The journey will be memorable.

As many people do not indulge in a road trip you can expect a quieter environment.

If you are in Goa, then do not miss its waterfalls and caves.

They are absolutely mystifying during the winters.

The sanctuaries of Goa are also open this time.

Make a detour and visit Dr Salim Ali bird sanctuary or butterfly island to spot the winged creatures.

The forts are also picturesque.

Visit those Portuguese castles to experience the tales of a bygone era.

Best Routes For Road Trips:

1. Panjim to Chorla Ghats via Belgium Highway :

This route in North Goa is the best option for a smoother journey.

The roads through hills, picturesque dense forests of Western Ghats are eye soothing and calming.

Opt for this route if you want to feel peace while adrenaline pumps through your veins.

The route is also great for a romantic long drive.

2. Panaji to Netravali falls via Vichundrem :

Best time to visit: September- November

It is a trip from north Goa to south Goa.

It’s a great option for nature lovers.

Drive through the rubber plantations, sugarcane fields to reach south Goa.

Enjoy the picture perfect Netravali falls after the monsoon.

3. Panjim- Diver- Chorao- Panjim :

It is a short distance trip that offers a great experience.

Choose this option if you intend to have a shorter trip.

This route will help you to revisit the Portuguese colonial era and the remains of it.

Stop at Salim Ali bird sanctuary for bird watching.

Do not forget to explore the islands.

4. Mapusa to Saligo via Parra :

This route is for non-geared bikes.

The route must be experienced in slow motion.

Ride through the watermelon plantations and enjoy nature.

Stop by the church of St. Anne and Lake Ganesh Tollem.

This route must be covered during day time only as it becomes very dark at night.

5. Panjim to Ponta De Linhares via causeway :

This is a very short distance (12 km) trip for you.

Choose this for a day-long trip.

The bike is most preferred.

But car rental services are also available here.

Try to travel during the early morning, late night or evening.

This route connects the old Goa or Goa Velha with Panjim.

Experience the old colonial era architectural creations and ruins while you drive alongside Mandovi River.

How To Enjoy During Winter in Goa?

Best time to visit Goa


After exploring the most-sought-after tourist spots, one might have the zeal to party hard.

Now, what to do in the city? If you are in Goa, the party is a must do the activity.

  • There are plenty of pubs, bars, and casinos for this purpose. You can also opt for a cruise party or boat party.
  • Do not miss the lip-smacking seafood in Goa, indulge plenty. The beach shacks and the city restaurants offer finger-licking Goan food.
  • The winter season is the festive season in Goa. The Christmas and New Year festival of Goa is full of resilience.
  • The Goa carnival is the biggest attraction of the season. It is held in late February to early March. Goa carnival is filled with shows, concerts, and contests.

Beat The Heat in Goa:

You might wonder how it is possible to spend quality time in the scorching heat.

But it’s true that despite the high humidity, one can relish the balmy breezes of the sea.

You can really make your morning and evenings pleasant during summer in Goa.

March, April, May, and October are regarded amongst the best time to visit Goa during summer.

The average daytime temperature is 40°C.

Things To Do During This Time:

Best time to visit Goa

  • Summer is the most preferred time to visit Goa because things remain quite cheap during summer. Starting from booking flights to booking accommodations, or savouring delicious foods – you will be at a super economical range.
  • One can indulge in shopping during summers in Goa. A wide range of amazing items is available at an affordable price.
  • During the high humid level, people tend to remain within their lodge. So it is undoubtedly a plus point for those who can bear the heat and visit the popular places in North Goa.
  • If you are someone who loves to indulge in adventurous activity, Goa is perfect for them. One may experience wonderful parasailing here. Summer season is the most suitable time to treat you into such thrilling water activities.

So, having fun in Goa is assured without a second thought.

Other than that you can enjoy shopping and fishing also.

These are the main attractions of visiting Goa during winters and summers.

Hence, in next year vacation, plan a trip to Goa.

Explore the magnificent places in North Goa to your heart’s content.

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