Top 7 Amazing Travel Experiences to Have Before You Die

Even if you are not a wanderlust soul, you must visit some places that’ll give you a lifetime of experience.

Places that are so out of the world that you’ll have an amazing holiday and make wonderful memories.

Travel experiences give you hands-on experience of life.

With each new destination, you get to know about the new culture and history of the place.

Though following the travel safety tips while visiting these new places is important.

Travelling makes it possible for you to take a break from the chaotic and stressful life.

There are so many amazing places in the world that you must visit before you die.

It’s important that you make a bucket list and visit those amazing places.

As such, we’ve curated a list of amazing travel experiences just for you.

1. End of the world in Ecuador :

This is an amazing tourist attraction in Ecuador known as the ‘End of the world swing.’

If you visit this place, you’ll for sure know the reason behind the name.

A non-acrophobes swing, swings over the deep abyss, right below Mount Tungurahua, which is an active volcano. The swing is attached to a treehouse, which is attached to the seismic monitoring station.

You should experience this at least once in your life.

However, if you are planning to visit the place, you must have a strong will to experience the swing as it’s certainly not for the faint-hearted.


2. Antelope Canyon in Arizona :

Located on the eastern side of Arizona, it’s also referred to as ‘Crack,’ as it has a similar rock formation.

It was formed due to flash flooding and years of erosion leaving behind intricate rocks that also look curvy.

It’s the most popular place in the world because of its unique structure and formation of rocks.

You need to make a prior booking to visit this place in order to avoid the possibility of dangerous flash flooding.

The place has a surreal feel to it and its quite different from the other places of the world.


3. Stargaze in California :

Some people just love gazing at the stars and constellations, are you one of them?

If yes, then you must head to California desert for a unique stargazing experience.

You’ll experience a divine feeling watching the wonderful stars in the night sky.

It’s the reason most tourists from the world flock this place for night camping.

Gazing at the Milky Way at the night will give you an experience that you’ll never forget.

It’s also the place where you can simply contemplate about life and plan for the future.

So, are you up for this enchanting experience? Yes, then you need to add this place to your bucket list.

4. Safari in Botswana :

Any kind of adventure gives you a thrill that is unmatched.

Safari adventure is one such thrill that you shouldn’t miss out.

If you want to experience best safari rides, then you must head to Botswana.

The safari in Botswana takes you through stunning landscapes where you can explore the rich flora and fauna of this place.

You can also explore the water-paradise of the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

Chobe National Park is the most popular place for a safari.

This destination is a safe place to explore with your family and kids as well.

Botswana is also known for its eco-lodges and camps; it provides a great adventure experience.


5. Lavender Fields in Provence, France :

Some sights are so pretty that it just leaves you captivated.

The Lavender Fields in Provence look eternal, and you’ll surely lose your heart to the place.

They bloom from June to August into a sea of purple flowers that look breathtaking.

It creates an incredible sight with rich aromatic scenes.

You’ll have an unforgettable experience visiting this place as the look is just amazing.

If you are a nature lover, then you must visit this place.

Click some wonderful pictures and preserve it as a memory for a lifetime.


6. Sagano Bamboo Forest in Kyoto, Japan :

Located on the outskirts of Japan, it’s a place that will surely mesmerise you.

It gives you a different kind of vibe with towering Vedant bamboo stalks all over the place.

The eerie creaking sound as the wind collides with the bamboo will hypnotize you.

There is a pedestrian path, which cuts through different shrines and temples as you walk across the path on the place.

Sagano Bamboo Forest is perhaps the most popular place in Japan.

The sun filters through the densely packed bamboos in the forest making the scenery look alluring.

The wide trail that cuts through the forest is perfect for photography.


7. Yi Peng Festival in Thailand :

Some places give you an entrancing feeling and an experience that can be cherished for a lifetime.

Yi Peng festival of Thailand is a religious ceremony when thousands of glowing and illuminated lanterns are released in the sky.

Each lantern is released with a wish paying homage to Lord Buddha.

You’ll feel divine looking at the lanterns as the sight looks mesmerizing.

During the festival, you can also experience parades, fireworks, and dances throughout the city.

It’s a festival you simply can’t miss.

Plan your trip around this time to feel the magic of this place.

The amazing places that are,

Well, there are many more places like Blue Lagoon in Iceland and Hot Air Balloon experience in Turkey that shouldn’t be missed.

You only live once so you must have a bucket list of places that you can visit.

And, if you visit the above places, it will become a memory for life.

Some places leave a lasting impact on your mind and memories that are unforgettable.

Every experience while travelling teaches you something in life and makes you wiser.

You can also plan a customized itinerary when you visit the above places.

Solo trip or a trip with your loved ones, but do visit the above places for the amazing experiences.

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