Travel India on a Low Budget: 10 Amazing Places to Get Started With (Starting from Rs.200 Only)

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Pack your bag and get ready to travel India on a low budget.

Yes. It’s true.

You can start exploring India even when you have a tiny to small budget for the trip.

You can find several places both offbeat and popular that can be traveled on a real low budget.

So, smile now, and go through this blog post which gives you some of the best destinations to travel India on a low budget.

1. Darjeeling:

Travel India on a Low Budget - Darjeeling

Toy Train (Darjeeling)

Darjeeling is a beautiful and gratifying travel destination.

When it comes to travel India on a low budget, Darjeeling comes first in the most popular lists.

Darjeeling is famous for its traditional yet charming little hotels, home stays and cottages that are of ridiculously low-priced.

The scenic exquisiteness of the snow laden mountains, marvelous views of the sunrise and the sunset.

The place is famous for its large tea estates and the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway.

It is a place worth adding to your travel bucket list if you really want to travel India on a low budget.

Popular Spots to Visit:

  • Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park
  • Japanese Peace Pagoda
  • Mahakal Temple
  • Batasia Loop
  • Tiger Hill
  • Tea Garden

Lodging & Fooding:

Darjeeling has well-equipped hotels that are geared up for budget travelers too. Approximately Rs.1000-2000 inclusive of 3 meals can be obtained here.

2. Ooty:

Travel India on a Low Budget - Darjeeling - Ooty

Chocolate and more chocolate.

Every kind of cocoa butter goodness is available here, made locally and sold at rates lower than the Delhi Winter temperature!

The hills are lovely, there’s the Fernhills Palace to explore and Kodi’s just a few stops away.

And it is a must visit place for the people who want to travel India on a low budget.


Start from 600 INR.


Starting at INR 200-300

3. Alleppey:

Travel India on a Low Budget - Alleppey

Alleppey which is known as the Venice of the East is famous for the verdant countryside, lagoons, and its waterways.

It is the best place to cruise lazily around in the ever-present houseboats and get your hands on the tasty delicious coconut-laced seafood.

Strike up a conversation with some of the local fishermen and they’ll even lend you their own OG kayaks so you can go exploring on your own for a meager 100 INR. That’s a steal!


Homestays, Resorts, Hotels will cost you between INR 300 and 900.


If you want to keep the travel on low budget then you can eat street food which is delicious and hygienic and just INR 150-200/ meal.

4. Goa:

Travel India on a Low Budget - Goa

Goa doesn’t exactly need much explaining. Isn’t it????

The heartbeat of every Indian and you can travel on a low budget here, Goa is the one place people like to visit again and again.This delightful and blithe Indian state has some of the best beaches, restaurants, home-stays and churches in the country.

Get lost on its beaches, Portuguese architecture, forts, local markets and the palm tree lined quaint villages.

There are plenty of pubs to chill out too.


Decent accommodation and beach huts starts at INR 500/night.


Shacks on the beach are the best, a good seafood meal for as low as INR 150.

5. Pondicherry:

Travel India on a Low Budget - Pondicherry

Not just one, there are many prominent reasons that can steer a person to celebrate their time in Pondicherry.

The perfect place for an all-girls trip, or even a lone female traveller, does not ask for much in terms of expenses.

Pondicherry is also known for its nightlife and what makes it more happening is the cheap alcohol. So, for those who want to get hell drunk, there is no better place.

There is one more thing apart from alcohol and that is exploring the city on a bicycle.

Popular Spots to Visit:

  • Auroville
  • Paradise Beach
  • Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • Serenity Beach
  • Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges
  • Immaculate Conception Cathedral


Stay at its highly hospitable Auroville Ashram if you want to cut down your accommodation expenses low! or Comfortable cottage stay at INR 300 or budget hotels at INR 500


Try out some Indianized French cuisine starting at INR 200-300 for two.

6. Digha:

Travel India on a Low Budget - Digha

Sunset at Digha (Image Credit: Wikipedia)

Being a coastal resort town, Digha is quite popular in West Bengal.

Digha’s beaches, it’s delicious seafood and its proximity to Kolkata make it one of the most popular weekend getaways from Kolkata and for good reasons.

Therefore with an infectious vibe Digha is the perfect destination for a short break that can be travel on a low budget.

Popular Spots to Visit:

  • Talsari Beach
  • Shankarpur Beach
  • Chandaneswar Temple
  • Marine Aquarium
  • Bat Tola Market
  • Mandarmani Beach
  • Udaipur Beach

Fooding & Lodging:

There are budget hotels in this place which will give you all the comfort in just INR 600-1000 including the food.

7. Jaisalmer:

Travel India on a Low Budget - Bada-Bagh

Jaisalmer, which is one of the gems of Rajasthan, injects a never-ending excitement to visit the forts and temples located here.

Everything has a price, true! But it does not necessarily have to be exorbitant.

You are budget is low because Jaisalmer embraces you with less cost of accommodation, low train fares as well as affordable food charges.

Popular Spots to Visit:

  • Jaisalmer Fort or Sonar Quila
  • Jaisalmer government museum
  • Nathmal Ji ki Haveli
  • Mandir Palace
  • Jain temples of Jaisalmer
  • Gadisar Lake and much more.


One can find rooms at a low cost of just 500- 1000 INR.


Fooding will cost you not more than 200 – 600 INR Per day.

8. Hampi:

Travel India on a Low Budget - Elephant Stables

Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its ruins of palaces, temples and royal buildings.

The Virupaksha temple is the most prominent building in Hampi.

Other attractions of Hampi are the Lotus Mahal, Hazara Rama temple and Lakshmi Narasimha temple built in Vijayanagar style of architecture.

There are many accommodation options in the city. Visitors can find many budget, mid-range hotels and cottages with modern amenities.

Popular Spots to Visit:

  • Vithala Temple Complex
  • Virupaksha Temple
  • Sanapur Lake
  • Elephant Stables
  • Daroji Bear Sanctuary
  • Queen’s Bath


One can get accommodated in homestays and guest houses at a dirt cheap price of under INR 500-600 in Hampi.


All three meals put together will be just under 600 INR.

9. Amritsar:

Travel India on a Low Budget - Golden Temple, Amritsar

Pay a nominal amount and stay at the gurudwara if you’re a guy.

If you’re a girl, it’s free! Even the food is supplied and the people will treat you well as long as you show some faith. This place is bound to calm you down and leave you stress free.

Lodging & Fooding:

Stay at the Golden Temple for free and savor the langar that’s one of the most delicious meals you’ll eat in the city.

10. KodaiKanal:

Travel India on a Low Budget - Kodaikanal

Finally, Kodaikanal.

Do not skip this place if you ever wished to travel India on a low budget.

Located in Tamil Nadu, about 7200 ft above the sea level, Kodaikanal is called the ‘Princess of Hill Stations’.

Kodaikanal means the gift of the forests.

Beautiful spiraling Ghats overlooking the greenery of this hill station is perfect for finding peace and tranquility while relishing the beauty of nature.

You can try your hand at a few adventurous activities or just revel in the incredible beauty of nature.

Popular Spots to Visit:

  • Kodaikanal Lake
  • Pine Forest
  • Berijam Lake
  • Pillar Rocks
  • Kurinji Andavar Temple


Accommodation will cost 500-1000 per day in a guesthouse.


Street food is delightful which starts from just Rs.100/plate of fried chicken with rice which is enough for one person.

So go on, there’s that last excuse you had to be lazy gone out the window.

So, get out and explore, you won’t regret it!

Now, let me ask you a simple question.

Did you visit any of the places mentioned above?

If yes, please share your experience by leaving a quick comment below.

Finally, please share this post with your beloved ones. It takes just a few seconds.

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